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The Friends for Life Forever Farm is a sanctuary for senior and special needs animals.  The majority of our dogs and cats are seniors, but when it comes to those with special needs, some are quite young.  We care for dogs and cats that are blind, deaf, crippled and diabetic amongst other things. But, one problem you may not think of as a disability is incontinence. We have several young dogs who are incontinent due to issues that are not curable.  Very few homes are willing to deal with this issue on a long term basis and often opt for euthanasia.  We however, consider it merely a small inconvenience, and worth dealing with to save their lives.

Otis, the one year old English Bulldog, is one of our sweet dogs that has incontinence for both urination and defecation.  His problem was present at birth.  A wonderful woman adopted him as a puppy to save him from being culled by the breeder.  She now has medical problems herself and can not care for him.  It is possible that when her health improves she may be able to take the dog she loves back into her home.  Meanwhile, Friends or Life will care for Otis.

Another wonderful dog with incontinence issues is Pete, who is a five year old Golden Retriever. He also has had the issue since birth due to a defect in his urinary tract.  A surgical procedure was attempted, but failed to correct the issue.  His caring veterinarian asked if we could take Pete and offer him a loving home.

Another fun-loving, active, young dog is Banana, a three year small mix breed who is incontinent from a spinal injury.  She is also plagued with anal prolapse when she is very active.

None of these dogs suffer in any way from their conditions as long as they are cared for properly, and all deserve a long happy life. The Forever Farm can provide that for them.