Our Mission

The Friends for Life mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home senior and special needs companion animals. We provide lifelong sanctuary if needed, at the Forever Farm, for every animal that enters our program. Compassion for, and a commitment to, these special animals is paramount in our philosophy.

Most of our special animals come from western North Carolina, with an emphasis on helping our neighbors in Transylvania County. They come to us from county shelters, veterinary clinics, individuals and occasionally straight off the street.

Friends for Life was founded in 2003 and operated as a fostering organization until 2005 when the property in Lake Toxaway was purchased and we began development of the Forever Farm. We currently have approximately 120 cats, 50 dogs, and 1 horse, which represents our maximum capacity. Since our inception, we have helped over 1400 special dogs and cats.

Our current annual budget is approximately $250,000. We receive no county, state or federal funds. Friends for Life depends on tax-deductible donations, bequests, and small grants to maintain operation of the Forever Farm.

Friends for Life is for the underdog (and cat). Unlike a lot of rescue groups – the adoptability of an animal is of little concern to us. In fact, we make a commitment to the residents of the Forever Farm because no one else will.

Did you know that some senior pets that have devoted their lives, and hearts, to their human companions, find themselves homeless in the end? Did you know that dogs and cats that incur disabilities like blindness and orthopedic problems, or illnesses like cancer, liver failure or congestive heart failure, are left at shelters, or taken to vets for euthanasia because their owners find it an inconvenience to care for them?  Worse yet, some are simply abandoned. At Friends for Life, we provide sanctuary to as many of these unfortunate animals as we can. Some actually go into new homes with loving, compassionate folks that find joy in helping these “underdogs”. Others live out their lives at the Forever Farm knowing that they are loved.

We’re for the underdog – and we need your help to continue our mission of helping senior and special needs animals. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization and your donations are tax deductible. Perhaps you would like to sponsor a special animal that will live out its life at the Forever Farm. Or, perhaps you would like to sponsor one of our monthly budget items, such as food, utilities, vet bills or payroll. Call us at 828-508-2460 to find out how you can help.